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As R-22 Prices Increase, Manufacturers Discontinue Blends

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As R-22 Prices Increase, Manufacturers Discontinue Blends

Issue Time:2016-03-10

As R-22 Prices Increase, Manufacturers Discontinue Blends

February 29, 2016

The complete R-22 phase out of virgin product manufacturing is another year closer. With 12/31/19 as the zero production date, manufacturers have increased prices on R-22 and several manufacturers, including Arkema and Honeywell, have informed customers that they will no longer be producing blends that contain R-22, specifically R-401A, R-401B, R-402A and R-409A. These are interim replacement refrigerants. In addition, R-22 will no longer be available from manufacturers in 50 lb. cylinders.

This action, combined with manufacturers' allocating supplies for R-22, highlights the importance of planning for the eventual phase out of R-22.

Airgas Refrigerants encourages all customers to recover used R-22 and sell it back to us so that it can be reclaimed, thereby keeping the supply of this gas strong beyond the new product manufacturing phase out date. Airgas is doing its part as one of the largest reclaimers in the country, paying top market prices and utilizing the industry's most advanced testing equipment to ensure that customers are paid for the actual purity of their returned refrigerants.

Airgas can help customers plan their allocation over the course of 2016. The Company has a robust stock of R-22 and all widely-used, new replacements and hard to find refrigerants. Contact us today using our quote form at http://www.airgasrefrigerants.com/request-quote.php or by calling 1-800-473-3766.

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